From Paris to preppy, Avery Trufelman unmasks our collective beliefs about design with Articles of Interest

Memberful Design is a show about firestarters sparking initiatives that have a lasting impact. Formerly known as Verwondering, leading design podcast of the Netherlands. Now, we’re bringing this award-winning series to the international stage in English. 

For years, Avery Trufelman was part of 99% Invisible, a wildly popular show on design that’s been around forever. She helped creator Roman Mars tell stories about how the world gets built and where ideas come from. There, Avery created a series herself that blew everyone away: Articles of Interest, a podcast about the history of what we wear and what we say with the clothes that cover our bodies. 

Now, let’s embrace the things that are invisible because of their everydayness and celebrate new beginnings — a new, independent season of Articles of Interest and the launch of Memberful Design. What can we learn about telling a good story and crafting the future, from someone who has radio in her blood and design on her mind?

And we want to hear from you too! We’re researching what makes communities, memberships, and movements so powerful. Or in short, how to better design for belonging. You can help by sharing your own experiences in our first listener survey. 

Go to to complete the survey. It only takes a minute to share your wisdom and it’s completely anonymous. We’ll share takeaways on a future show. So keep listening and let’s learn together. 

Memberful Design is crafted with love by the team behind the design studio Momkai. At Momkai, we've learned that building experiences that empower communities create durable initiatives. Over the past 20 years, we've put this knowledge into practice on projects from all over Europe, the US, and Japan. Are you looking for a fresh perspective or want to join the team? Go to and get in touch.

Memberful Design is hosted by Harald Dunnink, Momkai’s founder and co-founder of journalism platform De Correspondent. As a creative director, he loves stories. With the birth of his daughter he finally found an audience that’s always demanding more. 

His guests on the show help you think like a designer, decide like an entrepreneur, and dream big like an optimist. Discover what it takes to let your plans succeed and create meaningful connections, through Memberful Design.

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